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  • Are you the parent, relative or family friend of a food allergic individual?
  • Are you looking for food allergy resources for yourself or others?
  • Do you wonder how people manage food allergies?
  • Are you the teacher, daycare provider or babysitter of a food allergic individual?
  • Would you like to read tips on handling food allergies in a classroom setting?
  • Do you wonder how you will ever go on vacation or dine out again?
  • Do you feel alone?

If you answered yes to any of the above, welcome to my website!

Hello.  My name is Donna DeCosta.  I am a physician and the mother of two sons with life threatening food allergies.  Our family has been dealing with food allergies for over 16 years and I’d like to share my personal and collected experiences with you and others in the Food Allergy Circle.

What is the Food Allergy Circle?  The Food Allergy Circle is a group of people who have a relationship with the food allergic individual.  Members of the circle include parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, family friends, childcare providers, babysitters and classmates to name a few.

Whether you are a food allergic individual or a member of the Food Allergy Circle, food allergies can be overwhelming at times.

On this website, as well as my social media channels and book, you will find:

  • links to articles, organizations, DVDs and books to enable you to deal more effectively with food allergies;
  • information for members of your Food Allergy Circle such as school staff and relatives;
  • resources specifically for children and teens with food allergies; and
  • valuable tips and ideas to help you along this path so you don’t have to “go it alone.”

I am thankful for the people and resources that have assisted me over the years, and I desire to help others navigate the challenges and opportunities of food allergies. 

Whether you are just beginning to embark on this journey, are at a new juncture or have been on this road for many years, I sincerely hope that the content and information shared here will be inspirational and empowering.

Thanks for visiting Food Allergy Mom Doc!

I personally invite you to connect on social media.

Be safe,


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