When food allergy eating plan A and B don’t work, try C!

Waterparks, pools, mini golf and the beach.  What could be better?

Every year the kids look forward to vacationing at the beach and this year was no exception.  After a “strenuous” morning at the pool, it was lunchtime.  Instead of eating the BBQ that I had purchased,  they wanted to eat at the pool grill (which always seems more appealing!).

Until now, we had never had a problem eating at the grill.  I always went directly to the short order cook, said “hello”, and proceeded to tell him that my kids have severe food allergies.  Next I would ask my usual food allergy questions such as:

  • What type of oil do you use?
  • What other food is fried in the fryer?
  • Do you have the ingredient list for the buns and chicken nuggets?
  • What else do you cook on the grill beside the hot dogs?
  • May I see the ingredient list for the chips?

This time, the cook had me at “hello” and not in a good way!  I asked what kind of oil they use to which he answered “Got me!”.  The staff had always been very friendly so I was a little taken back by his attitude.  Remaining calm, I asked if there was a label on the oil container to which he replied, “No!”.

That pretty much sealed the deal for me.  At that point I was wary of anything he prepared.  When I broke the news to the kids that we were not eating at the pool, I got the long face from my little one accompanied by,  “Why do I have food allergies? …I don’t like having food allergies!”

On to plan B.

The waitress recommended that we order from the main restaurant and bring the food to the pool.  I gave it a try but let’s just say …that didn’t go so well either!

Plan C?

BBQ sandwiches in the room!!  Thank goodness for microwaves!

Yum.  Great taste without the risk and drama! Ahh….

Be safe,


P.S.  That night we went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner and the kids ate Alaskan King Crab legs to their hearts’ content and slept very, very well…

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2 Responses to When food allergy eating plan A and B don’t work, try C!

  1. Great post, Donna! Thank you. I go through this also, and most of the time with the same results. Some of the cooks are actually annoyed with the questions. I love your one about “what else do you cook on the grill…”? That’s so important. But I’m starting to rely on my instinct more than ever. If I get a bad feeling from my dialogue with the cook, then I move to plan ‘B’ like you. If the cook doesn’t seem to care, is disinterested, or most of all ‘uncertain,’ then I’m out of there!

    • donna says:

      Thanks for your comments, Keith! We’ve run into some cooks that get annoyed as well. Many, on the other hand, have been really helpful. Checked out your website. Can’t wait to see your Cafeteria Safari video game APP. Is it out yet? Will it be available on the Kindle Fire too?

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