10 (More) Food Allergy Back to School Tips!

Here are 10 more tips which may be helpful to you and your family in returning to school this fall.

11. Would you like to speak with your child’s class about food allergies? Discuss with the teacher.

12. Will food allergies be mentioned at Back to School Night? If not, would your school consider discussing food allergies?

13. Does your school have a food allergy emergency drill or periodic training for all staff?

14. Have you considered having your child wear medical identification jewelry?

15. Does your child know how to respectfully decline food that may not be safe? Consider role playing with them.

16. Would you like to volunteer to train staff on food allergy management or suggest the appropriate person or resources?

17. Have you discussed food allergy protocol on field trips? Who will carry the epinephrine auto injector and administer if necessary?

18. Does your school send a note/newsletter or other food allergy reminder to parents periodically throughout the year? If not, would they consider doing so?

19. Have you reminded your child to tell an adult immediately if he/she isn’t feeling well?

20. Does your child know not to trade food with others?

Find the first 10 Food Allergy Back to School Tips! and other food allergy resources at foodallergymomdoc.com.

Do you have any tips to share?

Be safe,


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