Halloween with Food Allergies: Feet, Eats and Non-Edible Treats

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good….not to eat?  What?  No candy?  Really?

As far as Halloween goes I have a few, how should I say it,  bare bones essentials (sorry I couldn’t help myself) when it comes to my kids that I blogged about last year in a post called Frightful Food Allergy Halloween? Not necessarily! 

My essentials are:

  • Feed children first!  Full tummies may find candy less tempting
  • Enforce a “No eating” policy while trick-or-treating
  • Take along EpiPens (nothing different here), cell phone and flashlight
  • Have fun!


This year I decided to focus on the kids coming to my door.

The first year we moved in, I bought what I thought was a “respectable” amount of candy.  I was mortified to run out of candy and recall frantically riffling through my pantry looking for chips or granola bars to give to the trick or treaters bringing up the rear.

After that Halloween, I made sure that I had enough candy and ended up dumping handfuls of candy into the bags of the last few trick -or -treaters of the evening. (I surely wasn’t going to eat all of those calories-too tempting!)

Last year, I tried something new.  At the urging of several websites and campaigns, I purchased various non-edible Halloween treats.  I went to the dollar stores and loaded up on plastic spiders, fangs, balls, figurines, glow stick, and stickers among other things.  I offered the kids candy as well as non-edible treats.

Much to my surprise, all of the non-edible treats were taken and what do you think was leftover?  You guessed it, candy!  One little girl’s eyes lit up when she saw the ceramic doll in the basket.  She gave us a big smile and “Thank you” as she placed it into her bag and skipped down the walk.

This year I’ve decided to have two baskets, one with candy and the other with non-edible treats. After all, you never know what type of goblins and superheroes will come to your door.  Spiderman may be allergic to soy, Cinderella may have Celiac Disease, the green dinosaur may have diabetes and the cute little witch may simply be unable to resist the scary black spider ring which adds that touch of bling to her outfit!

However you choose to celebrate Halloween, have a safe and fun time!  As for me, I’m off to the dollar stores….

Be safe,


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