Food Allergies Are Not on My Radar!

Warning!  This post is for the No Frills, No Fluff Folks.


Do you have 30 seconds?

The beach, shoes, summer vacation, smartphone APPS, camp, status updates.  Now these may be on your radar, but food allergies? Quite possibly… not so much.

A while ago, I was talking about food allergies (what a surprise!) to a guy who said, “Until you mentioned them, food allergies were not on my radar.”

Have 20 more seconds?

I get it.  Unless you know someone with food allergies, you may not have given the subject of food allergies a second thought.  Some people may view food allergies as a minor inconvenience affecting only a few people, causing a little itching or sneezing.  Others may think of people with food allergies as being attention seekers or overly dramatic.

Can you give me 10 more seconds?

I’d like to give you 6 quick stats (from FARE) to put on your radar? Did you know…

  1. up to 15 million Americans have food allergies
  2. approximately 1 in 13 children have food allergies
  3. food allergies account for ~200,000 ER visits/year
  4. 8 foods cause ~90% of allergic reactions
  5. even trace amounts of a food can be deadly
  6. quick administration of epinephrine can save lives

That’s it!  I’m done. Time’s over.  I hope I didn’t go over 30 seconds.   That’s about as much as I told him that day and as much as I’m going to say for now.   He was quite surprised and I’m glad that food allergies are now at least a little blip on his radar…


Donna DeCosta, MD ( @foodallermomdoc ) is founder of FoodAllergyMomDoc an online community dedicated to supporting the Food Allergy Circle with tips, ideas and resources.

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