FREE Kindle giveaway follow up!

Quick follow up to the FREE Kindle giveaway of A Little Bit CAN Hurt.


Thanks to you and my awesome launch team, which included families from the USA, Italy, UK, and Australia over 10,000 books were downloaded worldwide over a 3 day period!


Thank you to everyone who tweeted, posted on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest and shared by word of mouth.



So…what next?

As a concerned group, let’s mobilize, work together and move forward!

Are there any food allergy issues that keep you up at night?  You are not alone.  We are here to help.

Please leave a concern in the comments below or email me at



Supporting the Food Allergy Circle

Donna DeCosta, MD ( @foodallermomdoc ) is founder of FoodAllergyMomDoc an online community dedicated to supporting the Food Allergy Circle with tips, ideas and resources.

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