Not believing the “hoopla” about food allergies

RespectOne morning while reading the numerous emails in my inbox, I saw this one that stopped me in my tracks and about brought me to tears. It’s moments like this that I know I did the right thing.

What thing?

Writing and publishing my book A Little Bit CAN Hurt: The Shocking Truth about Food Allergies–Why We Should Care, What We Can Do.

Although it took me 7 years with help from my editor, Meg Carey, as well as numerous family, friends, and professionals, I am thankful that I persevered.


With permission, I share Laura’s letter…

Thank you Donna!!  

     Since we discovered the boys’ food allergies, Jim’s father has never quite “gotten” it.  About a month ago, he kindly suggested to us that we feed them a little bit of peanut butter to see what happened.  He did not really believe all the “hoopla” about food allergies.  

     Seriously, this is no joke.  I gave him our copy of your book and asked him to read it cover to cover and then come back and tell me if he thought that testing their allergies was a good idea.   He is 75 and has never read a book cover to cover, ever. 

     Not only did he read the book, he did a little book report on it!  He now “gets it.”  Who knows, maybe your book saved our kids lives!  It’s really scary to have your kids around even well meaning adults that do not understand how serious food allergies can be.   Thank you Donna for all your dedication to the awareness of food allergies.  Hopefully, your book and the awareness you have brought to the forefront of these issues will save lives you will never have to write about those children :)

                                                                                                                  ~Laura Zois

What tips or ideas do you have for educating grandparents or any relatives?  Please share in the comments!


Supporting the Food Allergy Circle

Donna DeCosta, MD ( @foodallermomdoc ) is founder of FoodAllergyMomDoc an online community dedicated to supporting the Food Allergy Circle with tips, ideas and resources.

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