Better U Series – Learning about food allergies makes YOU a better YOU!


Del TechAt the request of FARE, I had the opportunity to give a food allergy talk to the Delaware Technical Community College students, staff and community members as a part of their Better U Series on April 8th.


Suzanne Marsh, a science teacher at the college and creator of the series, was a wonderful help and did a fabulous job in organizing the program. We had a great turnout with a very enthusiastic group. Participants were engaged, listened intently and asked insightful questions.

I am so thankful to have the support of many in the food allergy community who supported this event by sending books, labels, food products, pamphlets, brochures and coupons!

Specifically, I’d like to thank Smart Allergy Friendly EducationNamaste FoodsGoDairyFree, Enjoy Life FoodsSunButterFAREMylan, Gordy and the Magic DietSurf Sweets, The No Biggie Bunch, and Sun Cups!  Check out some of their wonderful, informative and delicious products below.










Question: Do you know of any food allergy programs or events taking place in the next few months? Please inform us by listing in the comments below.


Supporting the Food Allergy Circle

Donna DeCosta, MD ( @foodallermomdoc ) is founder of FoodAllergyMomDoc an online community dedicated to supporting the Food Allergy Circle with tips, ideas and resources and author of A Little Bit CAN Hurt: The Shocking Truth about Food Allergies — Why We Should Care, What We Can Do.


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