Calling all Food Allergy Newbies and Veterans!

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Whether you are a food allergy/gluten free newbie or have been dealing with dietary restrictions for a while, you likely have questions.


Questions like –

How do I eat a gluten free diet on a budget?

What should I do when my child wants to go to a sleepover?

How can I prevent cross contact in my kitchen?

What can I do about dealing with the stress?

Why are food allergies increasing so quickly?!?!


These concerns and more will be covered in the Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies Summit from November 3rd-6th.

The best part? It’s FREE to listen at your convenience from any location.

Over the four days, 12 food allergy wellness experts will share tips for the many aspects of living with food allergies and gluten intolerance.

I am honored to have been included in this wonderful event.  My interview, on Thursday November 6th, is “Food Allergies Aren’t Always a Party, But You Can Have Fun”.   I can’t wait to share some of my tips for eating out and dealing with family during the holidays (as well as my 5 “must ask” questions)!


Here’s the full line up:


Ruchi Gupta, MD MPH   –  “Food Allergy 411: Everything You Need to Know”

Lisa Musician, RD LDN  -  “Can Food Allergies Make you Healthy? : Allergen-Free Nutrition”

Rachel Lee Coppola - “Reading Labels is Hard Enough: Make Budgeting & Saving Money with Food Allergies Easy”

Crystal Sabalaske –   “Cluttershrink Your Chance of Cross-Contact: Kitchen Organization”

Chef Keith Norman - “Be a Master Chef: Cooking with Food Allergies”

Debbie Adler - “Have Your Cake and Eat It: Baking with Food Allergies”

Lara Holland - “Be Your Own Food Allergy Avenger: Managing Stress in Social and Living Situations”

Daniella Knell - “No Homework Pass for Parents: Sending Your Food Allergic Child to School”

Maya Trimner - “Allergen-Free Kisses: Navigating Romantic Relationships with Food Allergies”

Amy Tracy - “I Can’t Eat That: Living with Food Restrictions in College”

Donna DeCosta, MD - “Food Allergies Aren’t Always a Party, But You Can Have Fun”

Kim Koeller - “Your Passport to an Allergen-Free World: Traveling with Food Allergies”


wellness telesummit


Sign up for the Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies Summit now so that you don’t miss out!!     


Share with friends, family, fans and followers who know or care about someone with food allergies, gluten intolerance or celiac disease.



Supporting the Food Allergy Circle

Donna DeCosta, MD ( @foodallermomdoc ) is founder of FoodAllergyMomDoc an online community dedicated to supporting the Food Allergy Circle with tips, ideas and resources and author of A Little Bit CAN Hurt: The Shocking Truth about Food Allergies — Why We Should Care, What We Can Do.

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