Donna  DeCosta, MD is the married mother of two sons with life-threatening food allergies.  Her extensive experience and leadership with regard to food allergies began with the diagnosis of her eldest son in 2000.  Shortly after his diagnosis, Donna attended a conference sponsored by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) at which she was dismayed to discover that there were no food allergy support groups in her area.

In response, Donna founded the support group Supporting Allergic safe3Families through Education (S.A.F.E.) and served as its primary facilitator for three years.  The organization is involved in food allergy education and networking.   S.A.F.E. serves an extensive online following, is advised by board certified allergists and is recognized by FAAN.  She is currently serving as facilitator.

Donna is passionate about sharing her experiences and educating others about food allergies.  After attending a retreat, she was motivated to pursue her purpose of writing a food allergy book based on the experiences of the numerous people with whom she has spoken.

Through her blog, book and social networking, Donna desires to support food allergic individuals as well as the family members, friends, teachers, caregivers and other people in their Food Allergy Circle, a term which she has coined.  She is deeply committed to promoting food allergy awareness and understanding.

Dr. DeCosta is a radiologist by profession.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and pursued her graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, from which she holds a doctorate in medicine.  She successfully completed a medical internship at Mercy Medical System and a diagnostic radiology residency at Howard University Hospital followed by an abdominal imaging fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical System.

Today Dr. DeCosta works as a radiologist for Advanced Radiology.  She lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons.  In her free time, Donna enjoys photography, gardening and being a lacrosse mom.

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I thank God for you and your family and educating me on food allergies.  Who would have known that years later I would have a grandson with an egg and peanut allergy?  Your communication on the subject will help save lives.  Continue to spread the word!!  -L.M.

Dr. DeCosta, You have been such a wonderful resource for me and my family. When my older son was diagnosed with food allergies, I was scared about the impact his allergies were going to have on his life. You were honest and straightforward about the dangers but upbeat about all of the strategies for dealing with food allergies. So by the time my younger son was also diagnosed with food allergies, we were able to take it in stride. Thank you for all of your wisdom and support! Keep up the good work!  -A.J.

Dear Donna, Thank you for providing this website, a vibrant resource and service to the community of allergic people & those who love them!  -S.K.

Thanks for all the info – it was great talking to you….you have a wealth of knowledge!!! – L.N.

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