Food Allergy Circle

Food Allergy CircleMother and daugher

Do you have a food allergy or a child with a food allergy, or perhaps multiple food allergies?

Do you wonder how other parents, grandparents or caregivers manage the care, diet and safety of their food allergic child?

How do others cope with the stress that stems from managing food allergies?

In order to shed some light on these questions and provide insight, I’d like to introduce you to a group of people.  Although these individuals differ significantly by age, gender, race and religion, they all share one important common denominator.


They are part of the Food Allergy Circle,  their own or someone else’s.  Food Allergy Circle is a term coined by Donna DeCosta to describe the circle or community of persons who care for and support the food allergic individual.  This circle includes parents, extended family, friends, school personnel, babysitters, doctors and others.



In this section, you will meet children, teens and adults who have food allergies as well as their relatives, babysitters, educators and other caregivers who reveal in their own words the shocking truths about living and dealing with food allergies.



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