You need this book if you or anyone you know/institution has or deals with a food allergy!
This book will open your world up to the seriousness of food allergies! If you have just been diagnosed or you are a seasoned person with allergies, its always good to have to have the upmost and relevant information. This book is easy to read, & is filled with a host of tips to help manage this life altering disorder! ~ C. Jones

Accessible book with practical advice on food allergies
Easy to read, lots of case histories of kids with food allergies and useful tip and hints on how to deal with them. ~ GP

With my busy schedule I have finally had a chance to start reading your book and have enjoyed what I have read so far. Sometimes my husband and I think we are alone in this world managing our daughter’s allergies, but clearly we are not. Looking forward to attending any book signings or events that you have in the future.  ~ Tony and Una Edwards

I think all caregivers and teachers should read! ~ Dawn Hinchy-Kozora

…What a commitment she gave us with her incredible book. She has created an outreach, with her collaboration of stories of real families whose experiences will touch many, inspire and educate everyone who reads it! I am in awe of her…as a Doctor, Mother, Wife and My Friend, she is continuing to build a community keeping the Awareness of Food Allergy close at hand!… Thank you for being a part of my circle! ~ Tammy Bowers


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